I’ve had enough! I’m signing up with a personal trainer to get six-pack abs

Back when I played JV football, the goal was to have a six-pack.

I worked actually strenuous, just to get fit and lose weight for definition.

I acquired a bunch of muscle in turn, but simply couldn’t get any definition in my core! Part of the concern was simply that I kept growing, as by the time I was in freshman year, I was already six feet tall – and still going. I graduated from high school at six-foot-four! I continued to play the old pigskin throughout my time in college, where the workouts were far more intensive. Groups of us worked with a trainer that would push us well past our limits, and I blew up in strength and size! But, no matter how dedicated I was, I just never got the definition in my abs that I desired the most. Before long, I no longer had as much time to workout since I found work after school. I started putting on some bodyfat, too. I was sad! I decided it was time to make some changes, and work with a professional that could help me finally achieve the goal I had in mind. I signed up with a personal trainer, and explained that the only thing I wanted more than any other goal was six-pack abs. I needed to start by changing my diet – something that despite years of training, not one person ever brought up! I was never educated on the importance of protein, or the downsides of carbs and sugars at the wrong time – or from the wrong source. I was amazed! The focus wasn’t strictly on ab exercises, either. Along with changing up the meal plan, my personal trainer introduced a good deal of cardiovascular training into the workout regimen. Before long, I finally had what I wanted most – a solid six-pack!


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