Bridal celebration works out with a personal trainer

When our friend started planning their ceremony, she hoped to lose more than ten pounds before the special day. She wanted to look her best! Especially in her bridal gown, which she intentionally bought small. Having attempted every diet in the book, she couldn’t lose any weight! As a gift, I decided to sign her up with a personal trainer at my local gym. I knew that this personal trainer would supply the right guidance for her, and get her in wedding shape! However, I didn’t want her to feel insulted by the gift. So, I decided to include the entire bridal party! Having researched a few local trainers that specialized in groups, I knew I needed to get organized! If I waited around too long, there wouldn’t be time to achieve results with the group – and the bride, specifically. I was looking forward to getting more fit in addition to slim, but I first needed to convince the entire bridal group that it was a great idea! Many of us were signing up and trying to get a few pounds shed to look great on the wedding day. Since there was no way I could afford to spend my savings on most people, I was prepared to spend our savings for myself in addition to the bride-to-be to workout with the personal trainer! I even managed to set up a deal that reduced most people’s cost by more than thirty percent. Thirty! After explaining the benefits of a personal trainer to all the bridesmaids, I had a total signup. All bridesmaids agreed to participate! We all managed to cut some weight, especially the bride!

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