Pleased with personal trainer for getting me in decent shape for wedding

When my boyfriend Larry made the choice to propose to me, I was truly cheerful.

I honestly couldn’t wait to start planning the ceremony… Then I looked in the mirror plus came to realize I needed to lose quite a bit of weight before the ceremony.

I was hoping to walk down the aisle feeling wonderful about myself. I decided to start exercising plus dieting. I somehow managed to gain 5 pounds plus completely hurt my back. I then joined the local fitness center, but I had no idea at all what I was doing. Even though one of the workers provided myself and others a tour of the place plus explained all the machines, I wasn’t able to keep up with him. I was intimidated by the other people that were working out plus was totally self-conscious. I finally signed up for a few of the classes offered at the gym. I took a spin class that I really didn’t like. I took a pole dancing class plus I was terrible at it. I tried yoga, pilates, bootcamp plus kickboxing, but nothing was even good for me, plus I was getting discouraged. I then noticed a flyer on the bulletin board of the gym. There was the name plus number of a personal trainer. Making that call seriously changed my life. The personal trainer started with a consultation where both of us sat down plus talked for a little while. The two of us got to know each other, plus he asked about any concerns, goals plus past fitness history I had. I wasn’t truly cheerful about getting weighed plus having my body fat measured, but it was important to set up a plan. My personal trainer organized small but steady goals for me to reach, then he outlined a healthy meal system that included a good amount of lean protein, vegetables plus whole grains. While the workouts were incredibly difficult, I stuck with it plus suddenly saw some progress. The personal trainer helped by continually changing up the exercises. The two of us targeted all different muscle groups plus included high intensity workouts plus strength training. I was starting to gain more energy plus started running plus bicycling on my own. By the day of our ceremony, I’d lost approximately fifty pounds.

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