Moving Into the Online Marketing Age for HVAC Company

We live in a very rural area.

The town we are located in has maybe 15,000 residents and it is the largest population center in the county.

There just aren’t that many people out here so, building a business has been much more about personal relationship building. Marketing the business has always taken a back seat to many other responsibilities. I own a small HVAC shop that caters to our town and the county as a whole. However, I have also done a few commercial jobs in neighboring cities a few hours away. The local HVAC jobs are the heart of our business. But, the bigger commercial jobs are where I would like to see us shoot for. This simply wasn’t going to happen with a few traditional print marketing efforts. I knew that we would need to engage in a full on marketing campaign to find our place in the wider market place. My first move was to contact an online marketing business. They were quintessential in forming the core of our new marketing strategies. The online marketing company was incredibly well versed in what the market offered in terms of HVAC options. They showed me what my competitors, big and small, were doing to drive revenue. However, they were engaged enough to understand our individual company wishes. We weren’t trying to take over the world. We just wanted more opportunities to be at the bidding table for larger commercial projects. They built us a modern, interactive web presence first. Then they have started an SEO and PPC campaign to drive traffic to the business. I have been very pleased with the initial results.


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