Trapped indoors in a terrific storm

Today was a tied up afternoon.

Every one of us knew the afternoon would be tied up.

Every one of us had a list of chores to do including changing the car oil in addition to getting some vet check-ups for our cat. Apart from the long list of chores, every one of us had to pick up a few items at the supermarket as well. My hubby with a recently broken leg hobbled over to the car to help me out with my list. He was off work for a few weeks from his heating + air conditioning dealership job. He wanted to go down to the heating + air conditioning business to check on a few things, so I decided to drop him by for a few hours while I ran all of the other errands. There was a thunderstorm scheduled for the afternoon, but the clouds seem to be rolling in much earlier. I was hoping that everyone of us would be able to figure out all of our problems before the bad weather hit. I genuinely hurried my chores and even noted that I needed to get things done before it to ours was up. Every one of us mentally thought about how the storm would keep us from getting things done. Unfortunately, the storm happened to come down while I was inside of the hardware place. They turn down the power and came over the loudspeaker to tell us that a tornado has been spotted in the area. No one was going to be allowed to leave the store until the tornado threat had been diminished. Unfortunately, that meant my guy was going to be waiting around at the air conditioning place.
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