My husband wants to be an HVAC technician

My husband has worked as a policeman for years.

He started going to the police academy right after he got out of college, and he’s always loved his job. Recently, though, he’s thinking that he wants to quit the force and do something that’s totally different. I guess he’s just tired of the daily drama and the possibility of danger that’s always lurking around. Anyway, the funny thing is that he’s decided that he wants to do something that’s totally out of character for him, in my opinion. He wants to go back to school at our local technical college to become a heating and air conditioning technician. When I asked him what the draw is toward the HVAC field, he just said that he’s always been interested in furnaces and different types of air conditioning systems. This was something that I didn’t even know he was interested in until recently. I think that he will be really good at being an HVAC technician. He says that he just thinks that he will like working with the people and being able to help them with their heating and cooling systems. He will also have very different hours as an HVAC technician than he had to work when he was a police officer. I actually told him that I thought it would be really funny if he gets called in to do some emergency heating or cooling work down at the police station once he becomes an HVAC technician. He’s planning on getting licensed to do commercial work as well as residential HVAC. So chances are, some day he will have to fix something at the police station or at the jail!


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