How addiction can hurt other areas in your life

I’ve regularly been a person to have a sweet tooth problem.

Every one of my friends plus myself usually it’s not cookies from the large jar.

There was always some candy in my place as well. Eventually, my parents learned that I was stealing cookies from the jar plus bought a special yard that made a lot of noises every time the top was removed. It certainly became much more difficult for everyone of us to take cookies without permission. My junk food addiction only became much worse as myself plus others became older. Since every one of us could buy whatever we wanted with our paycheck, it often became a problem. Everyone of us working the heating + air conditioning field. Most days are spent fixing furnaces + air conditioners. Every afternoon, everyone of us crave our sugar fix. Last month, I decided to eat a candy bar that would be appreciated tasty treat. I was sitting in my truck with my mouth stuffed full of this candy, when my boss calls to ask why I wasn’t at the heating + air conditioning job yet. The time got away from me plus I was genuinely late. There wasn’t a lot that I could do, and my boss was starting to yell at me over the phone. I put down my junk food in addition to made my way over to the customers place. When they got to the door, I apologized for my late hour plus told them that I was ready to get started and fix any problems that were occurring with the heating + air conditioning component.


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