An unexpected turn of events

When everyone of my friends plus myself for in college, we spent a great deal of time gambling.

Every one of my friends plus myself would gamble about anything and everything.

One time we decided to gamble on a basketball game plus lost a lot of money at the same time. Then I had some trouble with purchasing scratch off lottery tickets for months in addition to months. My fiance finally told me that she was going to leave if I didn’t stop buying all of the tickets in addition to spend less money. 4 weeks plus weeks, I didn’t buy any tickets at all. Then one day I was driving home plus saw there was some people that were going to offer some free tickets that were scratch offs. Every one of my friends and myself decided that this was a great idea to stop by. I was quickly concerned to think we might be winning money, until I scratched off a couple of numbers in addition to realize that the entire thing was a sales gimmick. I already had the bug for winning some of the money so every one of my friends plus myself decided to stop and get some lottery tickets. I thought I could make a killing, but all I did was break their trust with my fiance after working so hard to change my habits. I was happily to inform myself that there would be no more gambling expenditures. I was in love to win something at least, which was a new space heater from the heating supplier. Every one of us thought that we might win Cash When the heating supplier, but it ended up being a small portable heater.


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