The pizza delivery guy complimented my air quality

Every Friday night we order pizza in my house.

It’s an easy way to have dinner, and that way the wife doesn’t have to cook.

After all, the week is over, we are all wiped out from working hard all week, and all we want is to just relax! This last week when we ordered our usual pizza delivery, we had the most strange comment come from the pizza delivery guy. When he arrived with our order, we asked him to come in so we could get change for the exact amount of the bill. While he was waiting, he made the comment of how amazed he was by the air quality in our home. We were impressed that this kid actually noticed something like that. He began asking detailed questions, and even went as far as to ask if we had a whole home air purification system in here. I then asked the kid if he had a family member that was a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. He said he didn’t, but he was actually going to school himself to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist! He said that delivering the pizzas was something he was doing for extra cash while in college. This kid even said, that he was going to be getting his HVAC certification in a few months, and offered us a free central heating and air conditioning system tune up when he finished! We accepted and exchanged information. I also gave him a nice tip for the pizzas.


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