Smoking indoors is bad for your HVAC system

Being a smoker for several years, I know how bad it is for your health.

  • That is something I have come to accept because I can not quit no matter how hard I try.

But, one thing I didn’t know until recently, was that smoking indoors is not only bad for your air quality, but it’s also very bad for your central heating and air conditioning system! What happens is, that if you are smoking inside for a long time, the smoke and all the residue from it will get into your air vents, and then once enough has gathered in there over time, your ductwork will get clogged and eventually cause your central heating and air conditioning system to break down. I learned this because that is exactly what happened to me recently. I had a major HVAC system break down, and when I called the local heating and air conditioning company and had them send out a certified heating and cooling specialist, they told me the reason the HVAC system broke down was from smoke build up in the ductwork! This cost me a lot of cash. Not only to have to replace the entire HVAC system, but to have to pay for a deep and extensive ductwork cleaning as well! At this point, I have totally stopped smoking in the house. I go outside for every smoke I wanna have. Maybe it’ll help me quit eventually. One can only hope anyhow. So take my story as a lesson to all you smokers…if you value your HVAC system, stop smoking inside right now!


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