Prices on full system installation can vary drastically regardless of region

Paying to fix the exhaust system on a car can quickly get out of hand.

  • In my situation, my mechanic had to weld both catalytic converters into my exhaust by hand after literally cutting the old ones out with a grinder.

I had to find a special mechanic who works on exhausts and is skilled with a welding torch. The entire repair set me back well over $500, so when I started having continual issues with my central air conditioner, I feared the worst. Despite my best hopes, nothing improved and the system performance continued in a downward spiral. Eventually, my air conditioner quit cooling the air entirely. Only the fan was working when I broke down and called a few local HVAC suppliers to get the best price on a new air conditioning system. I was shocked when I found prices varying to such a large degree in just my small community alone. It was particularly enlightening when I looked to other regions and states and discovered the same trend. Some suppliers will charge thousands of dollars more for the exact same system, and the service doesn’t always match or warrant the higher price. I didn’t want to waste so much money on ignorance and jumping at the first offer that came my way. Eventually, I found a great deal on a reputable manufacturer that offers amazing warranty services for free. That means you’re not paying for an expensive extended parts and repair warranty. The labor fees for installation were also extremely competitive, but the best part is the discount on a maintenance contract with the new HVAC supplier. Now I can get inspections and service tune-ups at a fraction of the normal cost.

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