My husband finally decided to run a sale on A/C maintenance

My husband Daren has owned his own HVAC company for a while.

  • I think he started it about ten years ago and now he’s grown it into a pretty big business.

He definitely stays busy, and he has four HVAC technicians who work for him on a regular basis, plus a lady who answers the phones and does all of the bookwork for him. He really likes owning his own business, but recently, the number of air conditioning customers has been dwindling. Since it’s the middle of summer and the temperatures are really heating up, the lack of A/C customers has him fairly concerned. I’ve been telling him for years that he should start running specials in the spring and summer for air conditioning tune-ups and specials. He always resisted running any kind of special at all for the heating and cooling business, though. He says that his name and reputation should speak for themselves and he shouldn’t have to run gimmicks and specials to try and get people to use his HVAC company. I can sort of see where he’s coming from, and I’m really glad that he believes in himself and in his HVAC technicians. But honestly, smart marketing is smart marketing. And what he’s been doing hasn’t been cutting it as far as bringing in the business goes. Finally, after I nagged him for the last couple of weeks during a major heat wave, he broke down and ran a special on-line and in the local newspaper. And of course, I was right! Now he’s got a full schedule of air conditioning tune-ups to do!


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