I bought baseboard heaters for my old and drafty house

My house has been in my family for three generations before it was passed down to me.

  • My great grandparents built it right after their first child and it eventually found its way into my grandfather’s possession when his parents died.

For the duration of my grandfather’s ownership, the house was the unofficial meeting place for our entire extended family. We had dinners, get togethers, birthdays, reunions, and other parties and events mostly held at this old house. My mom and her siblings grew up with each taking one of the bedrooms upstairs. When my grandfather eventually passed away, my mom took immediate ownership, continuing the cycle with a new generation of younglings. Naturally, when I saw on my mother’s will that she entrusted me with caring after one of our most enduring and important family heirlooms, I was shocked and speechless. Tears came to my eyes as I remembered all of the timeless memories shared inside these wooden walls. Despite the intense degree of care this house has seen for its entire life, there were a few major changes I needed to make before I moved in. The primary concern that I had on my mind was the heating and cooling system. I was buying a new air conditioner and didn’t want to spend a lot on a furnace combo if I didn’t need it. Plus, I knew much of the heat would be lost in the ductwork and then out the leaky walls. Instead, I was able to install permanent baseboard heaters that sit along the floor in every room. They operate like a standard space heater but are much more efficient and safer. You can also operate each one individually with its own thermostat, giving you total zone control with your indoor heat.