Holiday shopping with the perfect temperature

Christmas is the one time of the year me and my family really love.

  • We always get into the holiday spirit as early as possible, and we like to do our Christmas shopping as soon as the sales begin at every store, clothing outlet and mall.

The mall we go to all the time, which is over an hour away is a special trip we take each year to do our holiday shopping. The mall has the best prices, the best selections and also the best temperature control. The heating system they have matches the quality of all their stores. Top of the line and nothing less! When it’s below 0 degrees outside and you are freezing your buns off, just stepping into this mall makes it as if it could be Spring time. While in there, you would never know that it is so nice and warm because of a heating system. That is what I call the perfect commercial heating unit! A heating unit that can actually work and not have that typical central heating smell or air quality. That’s pretty amazing! If only they had this type of heating available for residential use, I would jump on it right away. This past year when we went to the mall for our holiday shopping, the temperature control was no different, and let me tell you this…the sales they had going on at all the stores were actually better than usual! It was a great holiday season all around! I hope next Christmas will be just as lovely for us.



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