Having so many fish tanks requires additional dehumidification

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated and obsessed with fish.

  • I had numerous stuffed animals of sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, whales, porcupine fish, and more.

There were books about fishes both freshwater and saltwater alike that lined the shelves on my bedroom walls. When I turned eight, my parents bought me my first goldfish and spurred my life long interest in caring after fish tanks and aquariums. By the time I got to college, I had a small saltwater aquarium in my dorm room. My roommate at first worried about getting sleep with the noise and lights, but ended up loving the tank so much that he told me he missed it for years after we moved out of that room. Nowadays, I have several fish tanks throughout my house, with one particularly large saltwater tank in the living room that acts as a great conversation piece when guests are over. However, one of the biggest issues I face owning so many fish tanks is the abundance of moisture in the air that drastically raises the indoor humidity level. My central air conditioner can get the temperature down to the value on my thermostat, but it’s insufficient in removing the excess moisture in the air produced by the aquariums. I was going to buy a standard dehumidifier that you plug into a wall outlet, but I didn’t have floor drains to run a drain hose and I didn’t like the idea of dumping the collection bucket several times a day to keep the dehumidifier running. Instead, I had a dehumidifier attached to my central HVAC system, meaning that I can leave it running whenever i need to and all of the water it pulls from the air can safely exit the house through the air conditioner’s condensate line.



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