Happy to own baseboard heaters after a frightening ordeal with a cheap space heater

I have never so much as seen snow the twenty plus years I have lived in this state. Perhaps there were a few years with extreme lows where one of the towns near the northern border got snow flurries for a few hours in the middle of the night, but this is an extremely rare occurrence. The lowest temperature I ever remember seeing on my thermometer was 38 degrees with a wind chill of 34. This last winter has seen record lows with many nights dipping dangerously close to 30 degrees. Unfortunately, my house was never equipped for this weather. I have the leaky old crank-style windows that are particularly bad at keeping heat from leaving my house. On top of that, I have an electric furnace which is the least energy efficient heat source you can use in central heating. Between leaky windows and ductwork, and the natural inefficiency of my electric central furnace, I decided to buy a small space heater to keep me warm in my bedroom at night. But, I didn’t read the safety instructions and plugged the space heater into a surge strip with a television and phone charger running simultaneously. I miraculously woke up to the burning plastic odor before the space heater caught fire. When I discovered it in my grogginess, the cord had already started melting. My heating and cooling specialist recommended that I buy baseboard heaters instead. They install permanently along your baseboards and provide radiant heat powered by gas, water, or electricity. Even though I would be using electric heat again, these baseboard heaters are much safer to operate than standard plug in style space heaters that you find at random hardware stores.

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