Good judge of a/c

When I was younger, it was often strenuous to determine the relative costs of living in 1 arena versus living in another… The internet wasn’t a thing at that time, so moving was much more challenging than it is now, then and it was often next to impossible to quote the costs of quarterly living separate from just moving there and seeing how it went. There were several tricks people used though, you could call an auto insurance agent and ask about the rates if you lived in that other site, then if they were much higher than your modern rates, that arena was likely to be more extravagant in every area. The same trick could be used with heating and cooling costs. You could call the major utility provider and ask the average costs of electricity in a certain area. YOu figure a fantastic bit of that cost is attributable to heating and cooling, so you could see if it was going to cost a lot to use the furnace or the a/c. Nowadays, you can get this kind of information from a fantastic realtor. They will often quote the cost of heating and cooling a house and include that information in the ads. If they don’t do that, you can research heating and cooling costs online yourself. If you discover that the heating and cooling costs seem certainly high, you can pretty much be sure that everything else is going to be costly as well. Then it is up to you if you want to go to that extravagant village or not.