They came and visited me recently

I recently got a visit from the long arm of the HOA law.

  • The compliance officer from our HOA visited my house and gave me a snitty letter that threatened all kinds of fines and legal action if I didn’t do what they wanted me to.

I love how people that crave some sort of authority are drawn to positions like this. Of course this guy is too big a pansy to be a cop or something of that ilk. But, boy does he love throwing his weight around over simply HOA infractions. It would be entertaining if it wasn’t so completely pathetic. It appears as though I have not been compliant concerning my HVAC unit on the guest house. The guest house is a one bedroom little place where we rarely ever put anybody. But God forbid, there is an outdated window air conditioner on the tiny structure. Apparently, the HOA rules forbid window a/c units. Again, this tiny structure is behind my house and can’t be seen from the street. I got all cranked up and was ready to call the lawyer but my wife got me to think better of it. Instead, I called the HVAC guys that we use to come out and help me figure out what to do. The guest house would be totally unusable without some sort of cooling unit. So, I needed to find out what I could do to be in compliance and cool the little house. He came out and put me right onto the mini split unit which hides the outdoor condenser up under the eaves. This will work out perfect but I still want to punch that HOA guy.
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