The difference my new gas furnace made

It’s a little easier to get out of bed these days thanks to my new heating unit.

Back when I had the older unit that wasn’t nearly as good, it was very difficult to throw the covers off and put my feet on the floor. I was as warm as I could be in bed under a pile of blankets, but my room was ice cold. It just made me want to curl up and go back to sleep. My home is genuinely comfortable now thanks to my new gas furnace. I used to dread coming home from work, especially if it was a rainy day. I knew that I would be walking into a drafty home and that’s very uncomfortable when you’re all wet from the rain. All I had at that point was a portable heater to sit in front of as it gave off its precious warmth. I had to use that heater to supplement the old oil furnace that was breaking down, because it was barely heating my home at all on its own. I was glad for the great service and the decent price I was given by the HVAC company that installed the new gas furnace. For the first few days that the gas furnace had been newly installed, I felt utterly spoiled by the warmth that I was enjoying compared to what I used to have to endure. Now I can’t wait to get back home and back into warmth and comfort after a cold, wet day out in the world.
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