Summer break and a new air conditioner

Teaching can be a tough job.

Some people may think it’s as simple as standing up in front of a classroom and talking all day.

It’s more than that. You have to keep the classroom under control. You also have to make sure that all of your students are getting the lessons and understanding what you’re teaching. Kids can be rowdy and rambunctious and many of them learn differently. Despite the fact that teaching is indeed more difficult than it may seem, I will admit that there are perks. We do get a decent number of days off from holidays and of course we get the whole summer off. I love summertime all the more for this, as you would imagine. I got a brand new air conditioning system installed just before the end of the school year. Things were starting to heat up and it wasn’t even quite summer yet. Now I can see that this new air conditioner is going to make summer break even more delightful. I have noticed that there are days when I am simply sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet and the comfort my new air conditioner provides me. I love these moments where I am perfectly content and just sitting and reflecting on life. My home certainly would not be nearly as comfortable without the benefit of this new air conditioner. Especially, since this summer seems to be particularly hot and humid. As long as I pull the blinds and curtains and crank up the air conditioner, however, I don’t notice the summer heat at all!

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