Sleeping in college classes made easier by great air conditioning

College has been particularly exhausting the past couple months.

I have not fallen into the best of patterns when it comes to daily living.

I pretty much prioritize hanging out with friends or doing other fun stuff over my studies. It’s not that I never get to them, it’s that I get to them at the last possible moment. I am almost proud of my ability to cram right before a paper or test is due. I have pulled off a decent grade time and time again. However, this kind of lifestyle is very exhausting. I find myself nodding off during the day, and the great climate control in my classrooms doesn’t help. I have a friend who is a bit more studious than me who allows me to copy his notes from a few classes I take with him. As a result, in those classes I simply find a spot where it is difficult for the professor to see what I am doing and take a nap under the breezy air conditioning. As luck would have it, in the back left corner of one of the classrooms, there is a nice, isolated, and hard to spot seat situated right underneath an air vent. I literally look forward to those classes just so that I can catch a few Z’s in relative comfort while my professor drones on. I wish we had the same awesome air conditioning in the dorm rooms. I know I can’t keep this up forever, but my friend takes pretty good notes and he’s there to nudge me awake when class is over!



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