R 22 HVAC Refrigerant and the Ozone Layer

Having just read an article I have some questions.

I have never really considered my HVAC system and what makes it work.

I simply get it maintained and pay the utility bill. So, when I read this article about the phasing out of R 22 refrigerant, I gave it a read. The article was written with a pronounced political bent. However, some of the information was interesting. R 22 is basically Freon which allows our home to be cooled by our HVAC equipment. I read further to see that R 22 will be completely phased out by the federal government in 2020. The article tried to claim that a vast majority of homeowners and businesses use this type of refrigerant. That feels a bit unlikely to me. While I’m certainly not an HVAC expert, I do know that we’ve been debating this issue for decades. The Feds banned CFC’s many years ago. Since, we have been using HCFC as air conditioner refrigerant. The data is pretty clear that this has helped the ozone recover. However, further regulation will only strengthen the trend of ozone recovery. I did my own research to find that HVAC units have been built without R 22 for the last five years. So, it seems unlikely that the vast majority of our population is dependent on R 22. While I hate being taxed and regulated as much as the next guy. I mean lets face it, all of us have been tightening the household budget for years now. But, perhaps we can ask ourselves to shoulder this small burden given the alternatives. For without an ozone layer, there won’t be need for much of anything.

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