Napping in my office with great air conditioning

I have not been getting the best night’s rest that I can get as of late.

My schedule is not too tight, as I have at least eight hours to work with every night. It’s just that I need a new mattress and a new pillow, for that matter. My air conditioner has also not been doing very great and I will need to replace it soon. I don’t quite have the money for any of these things just yet, so I typically end up getting a rough night’s sleep from tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress and sweating a bit from a subpar air conditioner. I have my own private office at the business where I work. Sometimes, I will shamelessly take advantage of this. I will arrive to work early after a rough night, just so I can cram the entirety of my work schedule in before lunch. I can’t necessarily leave early after that, but that’s okay, because that’s not my intention. You see, the air-conditioning in my office is much better than in my home. So, I decided to smuggle in a comfortable pillow and blanket into my office. Yeah, that’s right, sometimes I will take a nice, long nap in my office to make up for a poor night’s rest. I simply make sure my door is locked so that I at least get the warning of a knock before being disturbed. I will even turn the thermostat down a couple degrees to really take advantage of the air conditioner during that time!


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