My Parents Actually Listened to My HVAC Idea

I really didn’t want to believe that my parents were totally stupid.

I realize I’m still in high school but sometimes I think I have more going on in my head than my folks do.

When I hear them say go outside when it’s a hundred degrees, I wonder if they really are stupid. Because, of course, they are staying put on the couch in the a/c that’s for sure. Yet, I am the one who hears about it when I try to edge the thermostat a tad lower. My Dad just rips into me about how money doesn’t just appear and how hard he works for it. I know all this. But, we are trying to leave the thermostat above 80 degrees during the heat of the day. And, it is hot when I’m just trying to stay a little cool. Don’t get me wrong. I get that we need to conserve all we can for the good of the wallet. And for the good of the earth. I believe in all that. It’s just that my parents could be smarter about how they are going about this attempt at utility savings. So, I tried a different tactic. I actually had a conversation with my father. The topic was installing a smart thermostat to help us manage the HVAC temps more efficiently. He was immediately skeptical because he hates tech. But, the more I talked the more he realized that I might be on to something. He was amazed that the smart thermostat can learn our habits and adjust accordingly. He was really thrilled when I explained the automatic blinds that don’t ever get used can be synced to the thermostat. That way the blinds can automatically lower where the direct sunlight is hitting and raising the ambient temperature. We now have a smart thermostat.

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