Don’t Mess Around with Dirty Air Ducts

I can’t say that I have ever paid a great deal of attention to my air ducts. They are just there. I see them when I’m in the basement and I see them when I go to the attic. Past that, I just don’t think about the ductwork in my home. Well, that all just changed. I was sent to the attic to retrieve some boxes for my wife. While I was up there, I glanced over at a piece of ductwork. I was a bit unhinged to find there nests of rodents poking out of the duct. The rodents had slipped in to a duct joint where the seal was broken. When I got back downstairs, I simply went straight to the phone. First, I called the exterminator and then I called the HVAC company. I was worried about the ducts and didn’t know what to do. The HVAC company was great and calmed me right down. They set up an appointment for their duct crew to come out and take care of the situation. Once the rodents were removed, the cleaning crew was able to get their job done. They came in on time and organized. 2 workers went straight in to prepping the job while the foreman explained in detail what they would be doing and where in the house they would be going. I couldn’t believe how efficient these guys were. The other thing that blew my mind was the amount of junk that came out of my ducts. I don’t know why I was surprised given that those ducts had probably never been cleaned before.


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